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As a sustainable, fair trade, and certified child-labor free brand, we are on a mission to transform the way the world perceives, produces, and consumes style. That’s why we work directly with indigenous tribes in Colombia, paying them fair wages, to create one of our top products, the Arhuaco mochila. We believe sustainable and fair trade fashion can change the world- the environment and the lives of individuals. The Arhuaco mochila is just one example of how our brand is committed to that mission. We are intentionally not intervening the weavers designs. These are original crafts by the women of the tribe.

The Arhuaco group believe in the existence of a creator and a great father, and their mission is to preserve the natural order of the earth and its surroundings.

Zaku Arumuke means “Tejedoras del Pensamiento” in Spanish, which in English translates “Weavers of Thought”.

Each mochila´s weaving process is different, they are all unique.

This group embodies women´s empowerment, culture and sustainable development.