A Brand For All Seasons; Clothing company that maintains a conscious relationship with the global community.


Made in the World – Our brand is a global collaboration of equals, and our clothing tells their story. Crafted by artisans and designers from Peru and Colombia, HOPE is a recognition that we are united by our ideals, and that quality doesn’t care much about borders.

Sustainability – We limit waste through minimal production runs and strive to source materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible. If we see an opportunity to lighten our footprint, we will take it, because clothing only matters if there is a world left to wear them in.

A Responsible Value Chain – There are roughly 40 million garment factory workers worldwide, the majority of who make less than $3 per day. We are absolutely committed to a supply chain that is completely free from child and unfair labor. To learn more about our journey with the labor rights group CHILD LABOR FREE, click here.

A Brand For All Seasons – At HOPE, we know that cyclical and fast-fashion trends are damaging to ourselves and to our environment. That means no spring catalogs, no fall blowouts. Just classic, quality pieces that never go out of style.


Clothing that fits, and fits in with the world. We believe that the first step in transforming a wardrobe into one that reflects ethical consumption is to start by replacing the essentials. We are here to help you ease into that transition.



Social Compliance – Like many clothing brands, HOPE does not have its own fabric or sewing factories. We sensibly handpick and oversee all our suppliers on a number of standards, including environmental facets, human working conditions and product quality.


Certifications - We strive to improve our impact on the environment and its people. This year we are celebrating our Child Labor Free certification. Products certified with the Child Labor Free mark, provides assurance that brands carrying that mark are committed to operating ethically and ensuring their business is free of child labor.

We continue to grow and learn each day in every aspect of our endeavors. We are continuously working very hard to collaborate with different organizations and accept our responsibility with the planet.

Logistics – We partnered with Verde Fulfillment USA. The 1st eco-friendly, third party logistics center in the US. If you wish to know more about Verde, click here.

Raw materials - Maintaining a coherence throughout the entire value chain is imperative to us. Below is a list of responsible fabrics we have included in our first collection:

Organic Cotton - Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
Peruvian Pima Cotton - Dyes are REACH certified
Baby Alpaca – Biodegradable, renewable and natural.



Our fabric suppliers, Organic Cotton Plus, come from a 5th generation family cotton farm in the Northwest Texas county of Lubbock.

This farm became one of the first certified organic farms in the country and became the first fabric retailer in the U.S. to be fully GOTS-certified.

We shipped our fabric to Michigan where we produced our first t-shirt collection. We partnered with a company which specializes in recycling even the most unavoidable waste.

They are a small factory which we love and consider that to be on the positve side of things; they oversee every bit of production, and work every piece with dedication and care.

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Waka-s is a family-owned manufacturing company located in Arequipa, Peru. It was through this partnership that we were able to come together and elaborate our carefully curated sweater (baby alpaca) and scarf (pima cotton) collection.

Baby Alpaca
Alpacas are a tamed species of camelids from the Andean Region in South America, which resemble small llamas. They produce one of the world’s most luxurious fibers that are softer than cashmere, and lighter, warmer, and more durable than wool. 

Pima Cotton
Peruvian Pima Cotton is mainly grown in the northern part of the country in the region of Piura.

It is harvested entirely by hand which makes it better for the environment and the cotton itself.

Pima Cotton Insights
-More absorbent and softer than other cottons.
-Ideal for those with allergies and/or sensitive skin.
-Its extra long staple length makes it softer, more durable, and highly resistant to pilling.