Care Instructions

Please consider the following care instructions for the below-mentioned fibers:

Iraca, enea, bejuco, hoja blanca, paja tetera, plantain, and arrow cane. 

All genuine arrow cane products can be folded for travel purposes, but should not be stored folded as they can lose their shape this way. Store your items indoors, avoiding proximity to heaters and humidity. If the product becomes too dry and brittle, you can finely spray it with water; this will moisturize it, returning it to its original flexibility.

If it loses its shape, spritz it with a little bit of water and then fold it back into shape with your hands. 

To clean your hat, gently wipe it with a white cloth and soapy water, then dab dry with a white towel.

These pieces are resistant yet delicate because they’re made using natural fibers. When storing, avoid too much sun exposure and strong light, so that its color lasts longer. Avoid getting your bag heavily wet and make sure you keep extremely heavy items out of it.

In case it gets wet, make sure to wipe and air dry immediately. Another great tip- the vacuum cleaner is the best way to keep the dust and mold away. Upholstery brushes are also very useful. 

For all natural wool items:

These mochila bags are extremely resistant and durable. Feel free to wash them by hand, or in a very soft cycle in the washing machine if preferred. For drying, keep away from direct, heavy sunlight. Hang (for quicker drying process), or lay flat to dry. 

For fique items:

For undyed fique bags, you can wash by hand if needed with soft soap, and hang to dry. It is also a very resistible fiber, so don´t be afraid. 

For vegetable dyed bags, avoid direct sunlight to preserve its color. Feel free to wash as well, although make sure the washing process is quick without soap for a longer color duration. With time, the pieces tend to get a more artisanal feel and look completely delightful. 

If you have any additional questions or comments, you can always email or call us and we will take care of your needs. 

Thank you.