Why Peru?

Why Peru?

Posted by Sara Milanes on

As fast fashion continues to increase its demand, outbreaks take over low-cost nations like Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam, and attention in locating suppliers from South America continues to rise.

Peru, for example, has made a brand name for itself as a fast-turn, high-quality manufacturing region with exemplary workmanship, compliance, and corporate social responsibility. For this reason, since the beginning in 2015, we decided to identify strong, mid-scale manufacturing partners where we could build upon relationships for long periods of time.

Labor standards are very strict and workers at many factories are given welfares and clean, safe work environments. The company we work with in Peru for example, guarantee its employees 30 day paid vacations, medical days up to 26 days, paid, health insurance and social security.

Compliance and labor policiy revisions in the country are recurrent. The government comes every six months to inspect, and compliance authorization has to be renewed every 1 to 2 years.

Peru has become a feasible sourcing country for different purposes, but mostly because of its natural and homegrown resources (i.e. Baby Alpaca, Pima Cotton, Organic Cotton). We incorporated into our first collection Baby Alpaca. It is biodegradable, natural and renewable, and it is lighter, warmer, and more durable than wool. The Alpaca’s live 3000 mts above sea level in the Peruvian Andes, and eat hichu grass (wild wheat grass) where the soil is pesticide-free. This chemical-free approach contributes to a safe environment for the animal, as well as a finer quality for the fiber.

Our story with Peru is only starting, and we are very excited to contribute to a healthy and safe working relationship.

- Team HOPE 



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