Why HOPE Made in the world

Why HOPE Made in the world

Posted by Sara Milanes on

Written by: Lucia Ripoll

There is a new conscience arising on the planet today. It relates to our awareness that the world we live in is to be savoured as a whole. We are all part of it and as such the success is for all: in the production line of anything we need there are people, plants, and animals that make part of it and deserve to enjoy their piece of the deal. So why not give them their share with love, treat them all with dignity and appreciation, with social and environmental values that will preserve their inestimable place in the oneness of us all in the world.

The new planet for today is calling for slow life, where less is more. Among other things we demand clothes wearable in all situations, clothes that allow us to see a clearer picture of the person using it, garments that complement the user, not overpowers it. I welcome companies like this one that enlarge the notion of the type of world arising today, people with ethical concerns to help others as part of the benefits of their Income Statement. Success is there for all, the more we spread it, the more it will come back around, just like a boomerang. Let’s keep on creating a better world, let’s start with the basics.





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