Our Ethical Criteria

Our Ethical Criteria

Posted by Sara Milanes on

Through this information we aim to give you a bit of more insight into what our core values and standards encompass: 

Fair -  The ethical treatment of people involved in the supply chain and production chain. Including a focus on fair treatment of employees, gender equality, paying a living wage, and no child labour. HOPE Made in the world is currently on the journey to be certified Child Labor Free. 

Animal Friendly - Cruelty free. 

Eco-friendly materials - Resources which do not cause damage to the natural environment. 

Ethical Sourcing - Refers to finding a supply of products or materials which are manufactured under decent labour conditions - or from sustainable resources. 

Organic materials - Textiles manufactured from raw materials grown under strict regulations, that protect the environment and wildlife. 

* Definitions of these key terms were gathered from the Ethical Fashion Forum. 



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