HOPE Manifesto

HOPE Manifesto

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HOPE is a sustainable casualwear brand that celebrates the idea that fewer means better.

In a fashion world dominated by homogeny, fast-fashion, overconsumption and instant gratification, HOPE wants to trigger a movement and way of thinking.

More than a brand, HOPE is a viewpoint, striving to maintain focus on the essential.  This is why it also carries a social connotation for the future and hope of the industry.

With a clean, streamlined aesthetic, the brand believes in simplicity and minimalism; on both a visual and a material level.

HOPE intends to provide everyday solutions and alternatives, whilst bearing a responsible value chain throughout its entire production process. Our mission is to create wearable basics that are sustainable and responsible throughout its entire supply chain.  


We believe in justice and fair practices.

HOPE’s initial focus is based on essential basics such as t-shirts, sweaters and scarves. These essentials are purely ethical, wearable and versatile. The color palette is classic and neutral, it seeks exceptional fit and it offers unquestionable quality.

HOPE is also born within a chapter in which sustainability and ethical conduct have begun to matter in fashion. This is why we are also targeting to balance the contemporary for new fashion with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

HOPE has another important motto: it’s made in the world. Our brand is a global collaboration of equals, and our clothing tells their story. Crafted by artisans and designers from Peru, United States and Colombia, HOPE is a recognition that we are united by our ideals, and that quality doesn’t care much about borders.

HOPE is a fashion possibility defined by a conscious relationship with the global community.


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