HOPE for a Child Labor Free world

HOPE for a Child Labor Free world

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February 2017 – Ethical clothing brand HOPE Made In the World has established its founding principles on a better way to produce sustainable, timeless, ethical and fair fashion.   Today they announce their successful Child Labor Free certification in Manufacturing.  The certification of their products demonstrates their ongoing commitment to produce in line with their strong ethical values and sets examples to other fashion brands, new and old. 

“As a company that believes in positive workmanship, we are very proud to walk alongside Child Labor Free to contribute to a better future in factories” says Sara Milanés Ripoll, HOPE’s Founder and Director.  

Child Labor Free is a New Zealand social enterprise that works with brands, retailers and companies in supply chains – from field to factory – with a three-tiered certification system. It is estimated that 168 million children are trapped in child labor, at least half of which is in hazardous or harmful conditions with 68 countries worldwide listed as extreme risk for child labor. 

Child Labor Free CEO, Nik Webb-Shephard says “We are delighted to be working with HOPE Made in the world, a company dedicated to making a positive difference through sustainable business practice. Going on this journey with a group committed to transparency and innovation in their products further shows how becoming certified Child Labor Free is not just an ethical choice, but makes great business sense.“

The Child Labor Free Foundation performs solutions-focused work in the areas of: remediation, prevention, advocacy/awareness, capability building, and education around the issue of child labor in consumer goods supply chains.  To achieve its goal of ensuring that no child is disadvantaged by being removed from labor they seek to work with children, families and communities affected by child labor to sustainably remediate these children out of labor and into school.

Whilst Child Labor Free believes its certification system is a vital step in the journey towards becoming child labor free, it understands that the ultimate solution to the complex child labor issue goes far beyond this. Child Labor Free believes a wider consumer-led movement based on honesty, transparency and ethics is what will drive global change.

“Our vision is see a world where children are free to be children. By giving businesses across the globe the opportunity to join a journey of ensuring and promoting equality and transparency in their supply chain, we will use the power of consumer led demand to positively influence the issue of child labor.” Says Nik Webb-Shephard. 

October Conway

Marketing Manager – Child Labor Free



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