Fashion for a Circular Economy

Fashion for a Circular Economy

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We have seen great momentum the past two years in the industry, and it´s been really motivating to see big and small brands come together towards the adoption process. Although the fashion sector has been late to the matter, it´s been quite a game shift. After reading and listening to speakers and panelists at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this past May 10th, 2017, it has been very interesting to learn about the importance of collective action.

 “We need to accelerate the fashion industry's transition to a more circular system by increasing the volume of textiles collected, reused and recycled by 2020,” says Eva Kruse, president and chief executive of the Global Fashion Agenda. If we look at our economic model now of taking, make and dispose of, why not close this loop, eliminate the waste by breaking down the original product and convert them into new bases for new ones? This could be potentially the beginning of a new system completely.

How can we get to this?

We believe in a very powerful word; Collective Action. It´s challenging for brands to do the work on their own because what happens in most cases is that brands don´t own their supply chains, and in consequence, part of the control is lost in the process.

This is a call to action to everyone out there that wishes to be a part of this process. We can go the extra mile and not dispose of products and find better ways to deconstruct and upcycle, recycle or reuse. Talk to your favorite brands about it and propose ways and ideas to combat these global issues. Speak to your suppliers and contact organizations that help promote healthier supply chains. Speak, act, care. Let´s work together. 

Content is written with the help of articles on the Copenhagen Fashion Summit by Business of Fashion. 

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