About the founder

About the founder

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HOPE took its first step on September 1, 2016. A journey toward “a fashion possibility defined by a conscious relationship with the global community,” as its Manifesto reads.

Co-founded by Sara Milanes, an F.I.T. and Marangoni graduate, HOPE pursues the creation of a new vision of luxury and aims to be a cultural referent in the world of fashion. It has been Sara´s walk of life that has finally come to reality with this entrepreneurship that is HOPE. The world is an ever-changing place; HOPE focuses on the use-and-leave-as-it-is, a sustainable product to protect our planet so it can continue to change at its own rhythm, meanwhile bringing HOPE and happiness to all involved.

In HOPE’s commitment to justice and fair practices it is On the Journey to fully accreditation from Child Labor Free. HOPE cares, the consumers care; HOPE wants to guarantee that there is no child labor within the layers of its production line.

We are proud to say that HOPE is on the track to providing its share towards a better way of life; it is HOPE MADE IN THE WORLD. 










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